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Nintendo stock got a bit of a bump today even though the Nikkei index as a whole was down, so seems like stockholders took note of this note.

Personally I've said for a while, MS should just throw full support behind Nintendo. It is useful for their brands and will also help keep anti-trust lawsuits at bay if they continue to buy big pubs as MS can say "hey we're supporting Nintendo too, that's another 100+ million users". 

Sony is their enemey not really Nintendo. They're not making a Switch like competitor, if you put older Halo and Forza games on Switch for example and Nintendo fans become Halo and Forza fans ... well guess which stationary home console (between XBox and Playstation) they're more likely to buy for example? Put Master Chief in Smash Bros. too. 

Because plenty of Switch owners also own a PS4 or XB1 ... you want those Switch owners being partial to XBox over Playstation. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 07 December 2022