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Leynos said:
Soundwave said:

512GB SD Cards are pretty cheap these days ($50) ... you wonder how long it will take for 1TB cards to get into that price range. 

They would alleviate the cart issue quite a bit, even though people hate it you could have just a 32GB cartridge with enough of the game on it to get you up and playing and the rest on SD Card. 

Maybe Nintendo can do two SD Card slots for the next Switch, that would help expand storage a lot too. I'd assume probably 128GB on board flash. 

 More likley much like current Switch games the sizes will be smaller as the game will be more compressed. SD cards willbe bigger. Balances out

Yeah 1TB SD Cards should be $50-$75 by the early portion of the Switch 2's product cycle, so that will be a big help for storage. Not quite there yet but these do come down in price every few years as higher capacities are introduced. With more and more sales becoming digital only 2 SD Card slots would probably also be a pretty prudent hardware change also. Don't even think this would cost Nintendo much of anything as the system doesn't need to read from both cards at once, just be able to store two and then switch back and forth between them so the user doesn't have to swap cards in and out.