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8.5/10 for me.

Overall a great game but held back by its awful pacing. Every palace took me roughly 3 hours plus a little Mementos here and there so in the end the game is made up of about 25% combat and 75% talking. It's even worse when you've already maxed your social stats before the summer break is over and all you're left with is meeting with confidants between palaces.
Morgana is pissing me off when he decides that I can't go out anymore or worse that I have to sleep immediately. Just ask me if I want to save (which happens a few times during the final) and then skip either straight to Joker lying in bed or to the next morning.
Choices in this game are absolutely pointless or rather nonexistent. They probably only exist so your controller doesn't disconnect due to not being used for 15 minutes.

As far as recent JRPGs go, I had more fun with Yakuza Like a Dragon and Dragon Quest XI S