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Decided to bring the site back up just out of curiosity. Looks like it's at least usable for me, though my post history is still wiped out.

Why anybody would take the time out of their day to try to destroy some random, totally harmless website is beyond me. Whoever hacked the site is clearly the type of petty, malicious asshole that goes out of their way to make the lives of others as difficult as possible just for the hell of it. They steal people's time, and therefore chunks of their lives. They deserve nothing less than being exiled from society permanently, perhaps by being forced to live their lives on a penal colony in the middle of northern Alaska, cut off from the rest of the world, never to see a computer again.

Anywho, rant over. Thanks to everyone who's been working hard trying to restore everything.


In accordance to the VGC forum rules, §8.5, I hereby exercise my right to demand to be left alone regarding the subject of the effects of the pandemic on video game sales (i.e., "COVID bump").