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yo33331 said:
Kakadu18 said:

None actually. The Switch is the first one, at least the first really successful one.

The Switch is the first one for Nintendo to do different type of price cut in the face of Switch Lite back in 2019. This was the price cut answer. Cheaper version. Whoever wanted cheaper switch or thought of the original as expensive they got alternative version the Lite which is cheaper. They just didn't choose to do the traditional price cut because it is more profitable for them to produce cut version of the system at cheaper price than to actually lower the price of the base system.

It's the same scheme as the phones, like they launched the Iphone SE or the Galaxy S10 Lite, cheaper cutted versions instead of lowering the original model's price.

And if they for some reason discontinue the Switch Lite now and lower the original Switch's price to 199$ I guarantee you that the boost will be little to none, since there is Switch system at 199$ for 3 years now, and whoever wanted Switch at 199$ already get one, or may get one in the future but not because of the original system getting down to 199$, but because their budget is within 200$ range, and they would've bought the Lite as well.

I do not agree with this conclusion since the Lite lacks one of the USPs of the Switch which is playing both on your TV and on the go.