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I don't really get the complaints about game specific gimmicks not carrying on past the game. Like, we don't need every gimmick jammed into the new games. That would be a mess, and it would remove a lot of the identity of the different games and different regions. Like, imagine you get into a battle and seven buttons pop up on screen asking you which gimmick you'd like to select for this battle/move. It would be a confusing, jumbled disaster. I do wish that all of the gimmicks were as good as Mega evolutions, but at the same time, I would much rather each Pokemon game focus on doing something new (ideally with a limited Dex focusing on new and regional pokemon) than every game just being a messy grab bag of every gimmick they've ever come up with.

There are plenty of issues with modern Pokemon games, but the fact that they don't have Z-Moves is not one of them.