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Playstation's current trend is to make games 'massive, photorealistic, movie-like' they're treating their games the same way they treat their movie studios. They are not the same Japanese Playstation as before, the one that went head-to-head with Nintendo. Now Nintendo is just by its own doing games that are game-y while Sony is doing games that are Movie-y. 

This might be good for sales in a short term, but Sony will not survive this, its already pushing japanese devs away to go to Nintendo, but Sony wants to play catch up with Microsoft to become "American approved" 

Being someone from Asia/Middle East. I don't really see any appeal in any of their games, they're very politically American and I personally dislike anything Politically American. This thinking is echoed by almost everyone in asia and the "Others" countries outside of UK and US. So I'm really not alone on this thinking. But my opinion is irrelevant to most. 

It is a sad state when the only hope for japanese devs to survive and thrive is either Nintendo or China. China knows that Sony abandoned Japan, so now they're just buying devs like how Microsoft is buying american devs. 

Square Enix sold their western devs out of necessity, and other japanese devs are looking to just survive on their own. 

Sony did not learn from Capcom and Konami when they tried to "expand to American market" Excuse my bad terminology or metaphor, but appealing to Americans is akin to being a clown, you will do funny dances and pop culture jokes until one year later when they get amused by something else and think you're just a clown. Its a cutthroat market that implodes on itself every now and then, becoming so fat and so bloated that it pops every few years. Sony doesn't really know why the video game market crashes happened before and they never learn. 

But I digress. Sony is really not going to survive on just 'exclusives' they know this already of course, they are turning their studios multiplatform and releasing them on Steam and other places. But the future is clearly Game Pass. Not whatever crap they have right now PS + Gamer Tax. They really need to go back to square one or before long China is going to overtake the asian market along with Nintendo and Playstation will be irrelevant. And now that they sold all their japanese devs they wont even survive the way Sega did, they really don't have any legacy IPs anymore that will carry them.  

Sony is also no stranger to having a 'format war' that they keep losing. Now their competition is Game Pass. and they have PS Plus which is extremely expensive and very exclusive in design while not being as broad (you have to own a PS5 controller to even play it) they have a lot of catching up to do. 

Last edited by PullusPardus - on 23 July 2022