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That's why u either buy physical or rent digital. I always rent movies on my xbox and buy the physical copies of the movies that I like due to this stupid laws. 

Farsala said:

Barozi said:

According to Playstation’s user agreement, when you purchase content from the Playstation Store, all you’re buying is a “personal license to use that Content for private, non-commercial use.” In effect, you “do not own the product.” As per the UA, if the company wished to remove the content from your account, even if you didn’t have a chance to see the content, then they can.

But I totally agree with your last sentence.

Yeah kind of nonsense.

I think the laws need to change to either

A: make it completely obvious it is just a license, I am talking like large print on every purchase saying they could remove it within a year if they want to. Perhaps even in the title of the content.


B: reformed to actually give you ownership/ refunds