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I agree.

I would expand on your point #5. The reason for that is, that development of games has never been that easy. This is made possible by free access to development tools, frameworks, engines and also very important tutorial and learning material. This helps the indie space to explode. And as much as I criticize modern AAA development for being formulaic and chasing with fewer games the niches that sell the most and adding predatory means to gain more money (MTX, NFT and so on), the indie space makes up for the shortcomings of the AAA industry. Indies release games in niches that are abandoned by AAA. Indies also try experimental approaches that lead to new ideas and push the medium. For instance I would say that games like Paradise Killer, Wildermyth or Spiritfarer push story-telling in games more than cinematic games, as they tie story into gameplay and that elevates the games and can allow so much more than copying the style of a different medium (cinema in that case). That is similar to early cinema exploring ideas beyond what was possible in theater and therefore developing into the medium it is today instead of just a mass produced copy of stage plays.

Also I would a point #8: societal acceptance of games and gaming as a cultural product never was as good as it is today. Yes, it could be improved, but it is much better than it was. Mass media has for the most part acknowledged, that games has more target audiences than kids and also tends to see now also positive influences of gaming instead of focusing on negative (or even just claiming negative influences without any proof).

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