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Kneetos said:

this is great news and all

My hope is that nintendo uses this sucess to improve for their next system, the CeO has expressed concerns with moving onto the next system and is hoping to avoid another wii u situation, so I am hoping he is looking at what makes a successful product and using that to better the next system, while avoiding the few issues the switch currently has.

I hope for a smooth transition with lots of cross gen games and support of third parties out of the gate, even if only with PS4 ports and cross gen games between Switch and Switch 2. Plus allowing cross saves and integration between your account in both platforms. This is what I expect in a modern game hardware in 2025 onwards. 

I honestly don't care much about having many exclusives to play. I'd rather move all my Switch library for Switch 2 (hopefully with some graphics/performance upgrades) and have no new game for a whole year than have lots of new games in  debut year but a hard reset meaning that I need to build my library from scratch again.