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shikamaru317 said:

Yep. While I certainly don't support everything she does, as I lean more toward the right of center and her towards the left of center, I definitely support her current battle for the rights of biological females to have their own sports and their own safe spaces (restrooms/locker rooms, women's shelters, prisons, etc.); their right to not be subjected to embarrassing sports losses like we have seen with Lia Thomas recently, their right to be able to go into a locker room or bathroom without seeing a penis, their right to go to prison that only contains other women and not "women" with penises between their legs. On that I stand with JK, and I suspect that the majority of people agree with her on that. The fact that the left has chosen such a strange issue to cancel her over is baffling to me.

IT's kind of telling that you make a point to clarify that you don't see eye to eye because she's left of center...but then go on to extol the virtues of the one thing she says/does that's bigoted and parroted by the right. 

I mean, I've done a tonne of research on trans biology and psychology, and I will assure you that none of your concerns  (or hers) are valid based on any stats or facts of historical precedent...but I also know that I could write a 10,000 word essay on the matter with links to studies and detailed psychological breakdowns on why each of these concerns are misguided or based on falsehoods...but I know it won't do anything. All most people think is 'ew, girls with penises are gross', but they know that's bigoted so they find the more appealing sounding but equally asanine 'there's a potential for people to fake it just to be pervs and therefore that invalidates all trans people' narrative. 

with all sincerity, I can assure you no trans people are faking it just to get a look at girls in the bathroom. IT's just not a thing that happens with any semblance of regularity. does it happen? sure, anything you can think of probably has happened. but any person could murder you with a gun but you don't ban people from public spaces just because an infinitesimally small fraction of the populace is prone to unacceptable behaviour. Nobody's going through years of therapy, hormone replacement treatment, surgery, and a lifetime of discomfort/public ridicule to present as their true self just to get pervy looks at women in bathrooms. 

Your stance on the matter is not grounded in reality and I truly hope that some day you'll get some perspective beyond 'ewww, girls with penises are gross and therefore wrong', which clearly is the basis and starting point of like 99% of all transphobia. 

You know how I know? I used to be the exact same way. I used to think the exact same thing. But then....then I did a bit more research, compared the pros and cons of someone in that situation, actually read the studies and acquainted myself with a few trans ladies....and that's all it took. some perspective and an open mind. Then you'll see your concerns are completely unfounded and based on faulty logic. 

but then again I can't tell you that you aren't entitled to your emotions. Again, I used to feel the same way. However, regardless of your stance on the matter, it's still a form of bigotry and once you learn to get over that and realize that your fears are unfounded, maybe you'll change your perspective. 

It honestly baffles me that so many people out there are on that side of the argument. Y'all realize that in 5-10 years you'll be as ostracized for your views as people today are if they call gay dudes fags or something. That's how progress works. As we come to understand more of the human psyche, as we come to see how things work and how our bodies work and how the mind works, the clearer understanding we'll have about what's good, what's bad, what's neutral, and how to deal with it. Trans folks get a tonne of hatred, and none of it is based in reality, it's all based on emotional responses to the icky penis ladies. 

Tell me, do you also not want gay dudes in men's restrooms in case straight guys get uncomfortable having a gay dude checking them out? Honest question. 

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