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shikamaru317 said:

It's utterly ridiculous that WB hasn't at least released a statement disowning Ezra; they should fire him, but they won't even publicly speak out against his actions. It was bad enough when he was caught on video choking that girl and throwing her to the ground a few years ago, they should have fired him from Fantastic Beasts 3 then, but instead they kept him and fired Depp instead even though there isn't a shred of credible evidence against him, and then gave Ezra the lead role in Flash too. Now the psychopath has received 10 police complaints in the last month (for everything from photographing people without their permission to refusing to leave the sidewalk in front of a restaurant), has been kicked out of every bar he went to in the last month, got arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment after heckling somebody at a karaoke bar, and then immediately after getting let out on bail, broke into the home of the couple he had been staying with who had recently kicked him out, threatened to murder them both, and then stole both their wallets, which contained money, credit cards, their social security cards, and their passports. 

I've about had it up to here with WB recently, were it not for the fact that I don't want to hurt JK Rowling and want to see all 5 Fantastic Beasts movies released, I would boycott Fantastic Beasts 3. For the sake of JK and the Fantastic Beasts series I will still watch it, but I'm definitely boycotting Flash since they put Ezra in it and Aquaman 2 since they kept Amber in it, and most likely all of the other movies WB releases the next few years (I haven't seen The Batman yet and probably won't now, same goes for DC League of Super Pets, I wanted to see it but I'll likely skip it now). 

Ridiculous, yes, surprising, no. You gotta remember this IS the same studio that refused to let Gotham officially use Joker (even though Cameron Monaghan {sp?}'s character is Joker in everything but name) because "it would be too confusing for audiences" having a Joker in both their Gothamverse and two separate film universes despite the fact that they already have multiple Batmen in their various unconnected TV shows and movies, made Gotham Knights unconnected to Batman: Arkham Knight despite it being about the Bat Family taking up the mantle of Batman following his death (which makes perfect sense) yet making the Suicide Squad game the follow-up to Arkham Knight (which makes no sense), rushed the death of Superman arc and formation of the Justice League in BvS to match the MCU despite it being way too early for both, gave us the Martha moment in BvS, is supposedly replacing Cavill with Supergirl as the new lead of the DCEU moving forward, bungled Zack Snider's Justice League and hired Joss Whedon to turn it into a jumbled mess, hired a trailer company to recut Ayer's Suicide Squad (you read that right), fired Johnny Depp while keeping Amber Heard and Ezra Miller onboard after he was caught on video choking and tossing a woman, bungled Matrix Regurgitations by literally making it... a regurgitated mess (and actually thought it clever to use "WB are forcing us to make a sequel" as a plot point), and so on.

Basically, WB are idiots. Any other studio would've fired his ass on the spot the first time he assaulted anyone, much less a woman, but not WB and they probably won't do (or even say) anything now. But Ray Fisher, doe, THAT'S where they draw the line.