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I am making this thread to discuss Nintendo's history of delays, and maybe why they happen. The next Zelda is just a recent example. I understand Nintendo often wants polished games, wants to avoid crunch, and the world is still going through the largest pandemic in 100 years. But Nintendo has had tons of software delays over the decades, especially from the N64 days to now. 

I know little about game development, as do most people in the world. Do you think Nintendo having larger development teams would reduce dev time and delays? Are there even enough skilled workers out there to work on video games for this to happen? If there are enough workers out there, Nintendo should use some of their massive billions in capital and make larger teams. Several flagship Nintendo titles get delayed (by months or far more) every gen. And I'm just wondering if they can break the cycle. 

It just boggles my mind how a game that is reusing most assets of its predecessor will take 6 years to release when all is said and done. Hopefully it shakes things up more than initially thought and is very polished. 

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