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SegaHeart said:

My mom strongly is against me having kids , she still want's to feel young and doesn't want to be a grandma (Selfish) , She convinced I think my big sister to never have kids and my little brother 27 years old never had sex with anybody ever .

If you are older than 27, it should be of little concern to you that your mother does not want to be a grandmother. At some point you have to live your own life. But I will say this: perhaps your mother is right for the wrong reasons. You cannot possibly have a child without the means to support it. I would suggest you first work on finding a job. Does not have to be super prestigious or well paid. Just enough for your independce. Than you need to find a woman with whom you can have a sustainable, happy, reciprocal relationship. I think at that point you can start worrying about a child.

Sorry, that your mother seems to be so difficult with these matters. I hope she will change her opinion in the future.