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Alright, I'll admit it, I was wrong. I figured software would slow down this year, but they just announced a TON of brand new exclusives none of us knew about that are almost entirely launching between now and September. I think we are FINALLY seeing the benefits of them merging their handheld and console software divisions in terms of production capabilities. And some of those games, particularly Switch Sports and MK8D getting 48 courses through the end of 2023, are massive indicators that Nintendo is planning on not having a console come out any earlier than late 2024 (why support MK8 to the end of 2023 and then release a brand new console a few months later? Makes no sense) and probably not until Spring 2025.

I am disappointed it will be that long until I get to see what next-gen Nintendo games can look like, that much hasn't changed, but I will say this: If Nintendo plans on 2023 and 2024 having a similar level of support that 2023 has or just a little less, I will have plenty of good distractions. I am genuinely shocked by how much AAA exclusive content they have coming in the next 6 months!