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aTokenYeti said:

I don’t understand why many want Sony to buy Square. Because it would be easy perhaps? The problem is that the vast majority of Square’s game sales are already PlayStation players, and Sony already has extensive exclusivity deals in place. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, as they say.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to go after an entity with more broad based appeal, that would stop casual user attrition as opposed to just servicing the most hardcore Sony fans?

It certainly would, assuming these companies and their franchises remain free to continue on PS consoles. Which is more likely than not, but it's not impossible that they get acquired by someone else and end up being withheld or used as bait.

MS at the moment, seems to be strengthening their position more so than hurting SNY. The question is, is that the whole plan, or is the plan to slowly turn up the heat and eventually put a ton of hurt on SNY with acquisitions?

On one hand, lock up the non western devs and pubs before it's potentially too late, since XB greatly lacks those types of games. On the other hand, you can't lose too much of the western market or your profits are going to suffer greatly. There's a reason PS has focused more on the western front over the last decade.

To me SNY should go for EA, TT, or UBI, if they're going to spend a ton of money all in one shot. EA might be too much, but TT should be doable.

SNY could also splurge, but pick and choose and pluck certain dev studios and/or franchises from anywhere, if they could make those deals happen.