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I highly doubt it since even getting close to that would require Wii level sales in the US and to enter the top 10 best selling of all time in Europe and with Sony doing well with the PS5 they're not gonna regain enough market share for that.

There's also factors like Xbox first party studios releasing all games on PC day 1 meaning PC gamers won't get one solely just to play exclusives and there not being a significant hardware defect issue resulting in a lot of people buying multiple who otherwise wouldn't.

I do think the Xbox Series will outsell the Xbox One and most likely do over 60m but would be quite surprised if it got to 80m let alone outsold the 360 since that would indicate the PS5 selling a similar amount to the PS3 due to how closely Playstation and Xbox consoles are linked sales wise and I don't see it declining that much compared to the PS4.

Edit: Only a few days later and this is already out of date lol.

Last edited by Norion - on 18 January 2022