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No, while I think it will certainly outsell the Xbox One I dont think the Series X/S has enough advantages over a PS5 to outsell the 360.

A big reason why the 360 sold as well as it did with around 85M was cause Sony fucked up big time with the PS3 to the point where even Playstation's main & very loyal region Europe had alot of people migrate to Xbox that gen when they never would have if Sony made the ps3 a standard console.

The PS3 was 800$ USD in 2022 Inflation at launch compared to a 360 which was nearly half the price and offered better running multiplats, better online, more robust exclusives at launch, and a revolutionary Kinect device behind a 500M$ marketing campaign. For most people it was a no brainer to get a 360 over PS3 especially for Americans, that wouldn't have happened if Sony didn't fuck up so bad, and even then the PS3 still outsold it.

While the Xbox Series X/S is 100$ cheaper than the cheapest PS5, that isn't enough of a price gap to take aways Sony's market share enough to outsell the 360. Plus PS5 & Series X pretty much both have multiplats that run the same, nearly similar online, and Sony has exclusives unlike with the 360 & Ps3 gen where 360 started with a huge advantage. Series X just doesn't have enough major advantages to take away PS5's market share. Its nearly impossible for them to repeat 50M sold in NA & 25M sold in Europe.

I see the Series S/X tho selling in between Xbox One and 360 numbers tho around 60-70M, I do think the Series S's price advantage at launch will help the Series S/X in the long run along with Game Pass and higher interest in gaming overall. However, it won't be enough to outsell 360.