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darthv72 said:

Unless these are being made to sell for $99 or specifically for developing 3rd world countries... I don't really know who these would sell to. 117m units have pretty much sold as it is so whoever doesnt already have a PS4 can very easily find one on the 2nd hand market for much cheaper. I have 17 PS4 variants as it is and I bought them all 2nd hand from others who had upgraded to something else or just needed the $$.

MS stopped all production of the XBO at the end of 2020 to focus on Series production. Sony should do the same, focus all production on PS5 instead of wasting their time with keeping the 4 coming out of factories.

There is a portion of the market who avoid buying used even this late in the life cycle of a product so the million will sell to them. Since it's only gonna be a million the impact on PS5 production will be minor at worst.

Also I'm curious, why did you get 17 PS4's?