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yo33331 said:
curl-6 said:

What makes you suspect it will be adjusted up? The last time it was adjusted, it was adjusted down when Sony's quarterly figures showed it had been overtracked here.

Yes, and the time before that it was adjusted up by around 400k.

Also with the last week of this month the PS4 should be 116.82M not 116.79

So adjustments of close to 200k are possible. And the quarter before this PS4 did 200k. There is decent chance the PS4 has made more than 200k since this was holiday quarter. So the chance is there. And with 1M more for this year PS4 is not too far from Gamecube, if sony make just another 700k after that it's done.

The last week of this month is 5 days and post-Christmas, and the previous week was just 20k, so 116.82m to the 31st of December seems unlikely based on the data we currently have.

The system can only sell what is produced and shipped, and that's been a small number for some time now, and will remain small if this report is accurate. The charts we got also showed no significant holiday boost for it.

Furthermore, what is Sony's motivation to produce more after this year's million? It's been made clear many times that companies don't care about beating others in lifetime sales.

If they did, Sony would just produce 2 million in 2022 and put and end to it, and Nintendo would've produced another 1.2 million Wiis to beat the PS1. Sony doesn't care about outselling the Gameboy or not.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 12 January 2022

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