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SvennoJ said:

Imagine doing this while high

Polyjuice potion plus VR, perfect fit.

Yes! Finaly some viable avenue to integrate VR into mainstream consumption.

Currently I'm on Harry Potter three and I noticed three things that I never saw before:

1) Still in present time Lupin as werewolf is howled away by Hermine. And then immediately Sirius in dog-form rolls off the cliff to the shore. And then the dementors start attacking. But when they come back to this situation, Hermine is howling lupin down, than they run away an eternity, than they get saved by the griffin. And than way later Harry sees what happens on the other side of the lake. One takes some seconds. The other version takes many minutes.

2) Sirius and Lupin go about this the worst possible way. Why, if Lupin knows that the Rat is Peter, why does he agree to the insane plan to let Sirius in dog-form drag Ron away to this weird house? Could he as a teacher not at any point say to Ron: I believe your rat is not what it seems, hand it over immediately. And than everything would have been way better - no need for the time travel stuff. And Peter would have been captured and could not have helped Voldemort to come back in part 4. For real - nobody forces Sirius and Lupin to attack at that moment at that day - A DAY WITH A FULL MOON! How could they not think about that beforhand? 

3) Why is Sirius already in the tower waiting for Harry and Hermine's arrival, when they fly straight away from him still lying unconscious at the lake shore? They would be way too fast.