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cycycychris said:

About 95% of the time I look at a downvoted post, it is something that is low effort, its an opposing console fan posting on another consoles article, or just something stupid. Its been abused before, but I don't think its a huge issue.

I feel like this is potentially at the core of the whole issue, because this is not all my experience with downvoted comments (mine or others'). Do some people really think some comments are bad whereas others think they're at least decent, or even good? I'm repeating myself, but a lot of the time (much more than the remaining 5% of the time), the downvotes don't really seem to correlate much, if at all, with the quality of the comment. Still, a lot of people here seem to think comments get downvoted essentially for being bad, whereas others don't find that to be the case all that often. Personally I find that curious.