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Tridrakious said:
VAMatt said:

Also, as a supporter for a few years now, here are the three "perks" that I make use of:

- No ads
- Vote multiplier
- Support staff income

Of those three, the vote multiplier is least important to me, by a wide margin. But, it does eliminate one of the only three perks that mean anything to me. I can get around the ads with an ad blocker. So, that would leave support for staff as the only reason for someone in my position to be a supporter. The other perks are of zero interest to me. I don't even remember what they are, because I simply don't care about them. I think it is reasonable to assume that some other supporters might feel similarly.

I would say the three things I use it for are:

No ads

Supporting the staff

The blue theme

I forgot about the blue theme.  I use it as well.