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Also, as a supporter for a few years now, here are the three "perks" that I make use of:

- No ads
- Vote multiplier
- Support staff income

Of those three, the vote multiplier is least important to me, by a wide margin. But, it does eliminate one of the only three perks that mean anything to me. I can get around the ads with an ad blocker. So, that would leave support for staff as the only reason for someone in my position to be a supporter. The other perks are of zero interest to me. I don't even remember what they are, because I simply don't care about them. I think it is reasonable to assume that some other supporters might feel similarly.

To be clear, I am not threatening to drop supporter status based on decisions made about the voting system. I am simply saying that this discussion does impact something that holds value to supporters. If there are people subbing on alt accounts just for the purpose of vote multiplying, that tells us for sure that the perk is very valuable to some people.

Also, to reiterate what I mentioned above, eliminating only the down vote multiplier is bad for everyone on the site, supporters included.  That significantly skews the voting "results". So, leaving half of the vote multiplier in place is worse than eliminating it completely, from my perspective. 

Last edited by VAMatt - on 31 December 2021