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Tridrakious said:

Replace the increased voting perk with something else. It's not that important of a perk anyway, the perk I like the most is the removal of ads. Without it the site is very unusable.

Keep down votes, remove the extra power to it. Just replace it with something else. Maybe a Supporter only section of the forum? I don't know,

I think a supporter-only area would just be dead.  So, while a fine idea in theory, I don't support that in practice.  

As far as voting "power", I think if you take the downvote multiplier away from supporters, you should take the upvote multiplier away too.  It doesn't make sense any other way.  Either supporters get extra votes or they don't.  Otherwise, you're saying that supporters get extra voting power only if they vote the way you (we) want them to.  That eliminates the validity of the upvote/downvote system completely.  

To be clear, I still support no changes at all at this time.  But, if the admins decide to kill the multiplier, it needs to be eliminated both ways. 

Last edited by VAMatt - on 31 December 2021