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Tridrakious said:

Considering that most (not all, but a good majority) are comments that are meant to troll or be "rebellious", I think it's fine to keep the downvote system in place.

Does this have any connection with the childish responses on the Uncharted movie article that was posted?

When you start accepting hiding 'rebellious' comments, you're getting pretty close to an echo chamber. It sure is nice when your opinion is the one being echoed, but it's not very welcoming for the others. I don't think disagreement or being 'rebellious' are good enough reasons for downvoting, let alone trying to hide such comments.

For example the Uncharted movie article you mention seems to be an echo chamber of those that express a decent amount of positivity about the movie, but tough luck if you're not keen on the look of the movie. I counted one comment about torrenting and one that I felt was a bit childish, but the even the latter didn't deserve downvote bombing in my opinion, let alone the others that were downvoted. Perhaps we disagree, but I feel like it's important to let all reasonable opinions be expressed (and heard).