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This movie just felt like a giant love letter to all the Spider-Man fans who followed him and grew up with him since the original Raimi trilogy, through the Amazing films, and now the MCU.
Fury said it best: The film's writing, presentation, and tone made it feel like one of the old-school Spider-Man movies instead of just another MCU film. Not to say I didn't like Homecoming and Far From Home, I did.  But my main issue with those movies is that they lean too much on the trademark comedy that MCU films are known for. That's still here, but it's definitely toned down a notch or two. Another issue I had, more recently as I rewatch them, is they portray Peter more as Tony Stark Jr. than the actual Peter Parker we know him as. In this film, they went back to the roots. They went back to what makes Spider-Man, well... Spider-Man!

Last edited by PAOerfulone - on 20 December 2021