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Doctor_MG said:
Zippy6 said:

Worth noting that many people made that exact same argument for why it would launch in 2020 when it was announced in 2019. "It's the same map, same engine". That sure went well.

But I think it's more likely it will launch in 2022 than not.

I suppose this is true, but I think that saying it'll come out after 5 years of development with many assets and models already done (not saying there wont be new stuff) in the year that Nintendo actually says it will release is much more logical than assuming it will come in the year of a major pandemic when Nintendo hadn't announced it's release window yet based on the assumption that everything would be carried over alone. 

Not to mention the fact that Breath of the Wild has been the strongest selling title in the history of the franchise, and the Switch has been selling like a beast for over 4 years without even needing a pricecut.  In this instance, Nintendo actually had the incentive to not rush out a sequel within a couple of years.  If Nintendo stands firm that the Switch is at the midpoint of its lifecycle, it makes more sense to have held Breath of the Wild 2 back a bit to be a sales driver for the 2nd half of that lifecycle.