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Motherless Brooklyn: Good hardboiled throwback with a unique twist and a hell of a cast. Norton gives a good performance as usual with an endearing twist on the daring detective and the whole cast and crew put in solid work.

Squid Game: Good battle royale that kept me eager for the next episode. Lost a bit of steam as it went along, but I definitely enjoyed it.

mZuzek said:

Watched the Paddington movies this past week. Was kinda keeping it to myself for some reason, but anyways. The first one was great, the second one was just... completely mindblowing. It's unbelievable how incredible that movie is.

I'm having a rough time processing it, reminds me of something that happened with a certain other movie some three and a half years ago. It's certainly up there as one of my favorites.

Heard great things about those movies, which surprised me because they looked like cash grabs.