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So Deathloop, the FPS game that Sony has loved to show off at every opportunity since the PS5 was revealed actually released to strong critical reviews.

Currently it has a 88 on Metacritic with 80+ reviews:

The game is available on PC and PS5. Sony partnered with Bethesda and Arkane Studios to bring the game as a console launch exclusive. The deal was in place before Microsoft acquired the publisher and developer. It is expected that the game will eventually release on Xbox down the line. The future of the series on PS consoles is unclear though.

I know many were growing tired of how much attention Sony was paying to the game in presentations but color me surprised that it is supposedly good. The PS5 is lacking in big exclusives this holiday season so it sort of makes sense that they would try to hype this up while they have it.

What are your thoughts? Will you give Deathloop a try on PC or PS5. When do you think it will come to Xbox. Has anyone played it yet?

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