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Pretty sure a similar thread was done in the past, remember posting in atleast one years ago:

I will just copy&paste my post from then:

I'm going to post my openings in spanish, since my favourites are from my childhood
(you will notice they repeat the chorus a few times...)

Exploradores del Espacio (Queen Millennia) - (full song)
Has nostalgia all over it, damn Telecinco has the rights and will never release the spanish dub.

Oliver y Benji (Captain Tsubasa) - (full song)
Super hit everywhere it went!

Los Caballeros del Zodíaco (Saint Seiya) - (HD version)
Another super hit!

Now the childhood is done, and since Heidi has already been mentioned, here come random "classics"

Marco -

Shin Chan -

Neon Genesis Evangelion -

FLCL since it's The Pillows -

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