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archbrix said:

Both the original and its sequel are still my favorites. GOW2 in particular had excellent level design, so I voted for that.

I fully expect to be in the vast minority here but I really didn't like GOW 2018. I realize that the series needed some kind of reboot at this point but I was not a fan of the direction that it took. It did have its moments to be sure, particularly some of the boss fights, but I found the controls clunky and Atreus annoying (although, considering I don't like kids, I didn't totally hate him). It felt like a chore to finish and I much preferred the hack and slash gameplay of the past.

Regarding Ragnarok, I don't have much hope for it impressing me personally since it looks just like 2018. Even the visuals don't seem to be in the league of something like Ratchet or the new Horizon, but granted, I need to see it in person first. Definitely didn't make me "lose my fucking mind", that's for sure.

I finished Rift Apart a week ago and the visuals were often impressive enough to be sure. But reading that it looks better to you than Ragnarok is quite surprising since I was rather impressed by the new trailer.