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mjk45 said:
mjk45 said:

I have a slim PAL PS2 and a fat NTSC that I bought from the US about 6 years ago for PS1 and PS2 games that didn't get a PAL release, the slim's fine but the fat NTSC model has a stuck drive tray, I hadn't used it for around 2 years and starting it up there was a lot of shuddering as the tray tried to open , and being me I naturally forced the issue and the result was the front fell off . now if I aid it with a small tug I can get it to open halfway before it sticks , so should I se about a  local repair and the associated costs or order a new disk tray and replace it my self ? 

Don't worry I put my elite youtube step by step copying skills to good use and now it' s fixed, but I could do with your help with what to do with the twelve screws and 3 plastic cogs left over .

Snooze I lose I guess. Ya just a new tray was highly unlikely to fix anything. If the tray isn't opening then there's something jammed in there that shouldn't be, or loose/broken gears. I'd assume the easiest route would be to replace the entire disc drive instead of replacing any broken parts. Would be higher cost but also a much quicker and easier swap out.

Not sure whether to congratulate you or not. Dunno how it's working with so much out of place yet. Screws are one thing but leaving gears out is another. Unless they're the broken ones you replaced. Though if it ain't broke anymore, don't fix it, lol. 

Last edited by EricHiggin - on 29 July 2021