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Forums - Sony Discussion - Question to former or current PS2 owners.


Which applies to you?

Owned a PS2 that I never ... 39 63.93%
Owned a PS2 that I replac... 22 36.07%

Please answer the poll option that applies to you.

Personally, Disc Read Errors became common on my first PS2, so I bought a second one (Slim) some years later.

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I had an original PS2 and a slim one, never had a single issue with either of them, and I'm confident if I find them out of my parents loft and plug them in, they'll still work perfectly fine too lol, never had any problems with any of my consoles until the X360, lol

Exact same thing. Had the original ps2, started giving me disc read errors so I bought a second one (Slim) later on.

I had to have mine replaced. Slim. My slim recently was acting up but I found taking it apart (it's easy) tightened some screws inside and then it worked perfectly.

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Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Back in the day, my launch PS2 suffered it within a few months and my next two consoles ended up getting it as well. The only time it didn't happen was when I got the slim. The one I have now (PS2 Fat) hasn't had it yet, but I know it's only because I don't play it all the time like I did when it was current gen. But sooner or later, I know it's going to happen. It's just a matter of time.

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I think I lost three ps2’s all together. 2 disc read errors and a third just shorted or something, wouldn’t even turn on. I got a slim later and still got it. Ps2 was my most error prone console. I lost both a 360 and ps3 as well, but every other gaming system I have gotten still works.

Mine is still working but sometimes it won't start a game until a few attempts. Disc errors and not loading also happens with my GameCube but more often with the PS2.






Mine lasted until the end of the gen, then I got disc read errors. So I bought 2 slims to replace it. They were down to CAD 100 at the time. One Duel sense controller costs CAD 90 nowadays.

Got an original PS2 19 years ago. Never had any problems with it.

Had an issue with phat where it could still read the games, just take several restarts to do so. End up getting a slim. They were so cheap... why not.