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Torpoleon said:

Yeah, I would definitely say not to count BC. Ports are OK as long as it is not Virtual Console, to the point where it is technically a remake or remaster, like OoT 3D.

I have problems to distinguish when a game is a port, remake or remaster tbh. If remasters count then DS and GBA must be higher cause I know they have many SNES titles. Indeed I think some of SNES games I've played using DS or emulation from my memory I'm sure Chrono Trigger, Yoshi's Island were on my DS, but I also have foggy child memories (like 6 or 7 years old) playing Yoshi's Island on SNES itself

3DS also Wii U also have their fair share of remasters, Wind Waker on Wii U looks amazing. 3DS have both N64 Zeldas completely remade from scratch