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Eagle367 said:

The whole Covid being why switch sold bonkers theory will never die I guess. It's always gotta be some outside factory that helps ninty consoles sell so much. It can never be the intrinsic appeal of the consoles themselves

No one is saying Covid alone dude. At least I'm not. I think regardless of Covid, Switch would have sold at least 80 million plus units (so PS3/360 level if I recall). But there is no denying the covid bump and no reason to think that bump has disappeared since society hasn't returned to normal at all. I just read recently LA county (one of the most populated areas in USA) is requiring indoor masks again. If we have another shutdown, or period where everyone has to where masks indoors regardless of health/vaccine, then that is only going to incentivize people to stay home again and once again invest in smaller, at home purchases for entertainment.