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Dulfite said:
curl-6 said:

It would have been a huge killer app with or without covid. It broadened the system's appeal to a huge untapped audience and greatly increased Switch's appeal to women and casuals.

I think it would have sold great either way, but the main reason it reached the level it did is because you've got a bunch of people stressed out over the virus and isolating and suddenly you have this super chill game taking place on a tropical island with a beautiful art style. Oh and you can play with a bunch of people online and chill together. My family literally had our sister-in law's birthday party on our island over the internet (we decorated and everything). Covid helped Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing helped people get through the shutdowns. How much it helped, who knows, but I'm inclined to think AC would have sold 5-10 million less (lifetime) had Covid not happened.

Covid did help, but Animal Crossing has an intrinsic appeal all its own and even besides covid there was more than enough stressful and depressing shit going down in the modern world by 2020 for it to be a hugely enticing dose of escapism. It still would've been a massive killer app had there not been a pandemic.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 15 July 2021

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