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JWeinCom said:
sundin13 said:

(I didn't play the first game but) the stuff with the bombs in the trailer looked to be moving in real-time.

In the first game, you'd plan pick the space you want to move to, including any enemies you wanted to melee or ally's you want to jump off of, and then it would play out when you hit confirm. Though that was what was going on here, but could maybe I was wrong.

Hmmm, the way they cut the trailer made me think that you have full movement control inside the bubble and using certain actions would end your turn (kind of like Valkyria Chronicles or Codename STEAM). Looking at gameplay for the first game, I'm inclined to think this is the direction for the new game but it could just be a trailer trick. The reason I think this is a change is largely because that white "bubble" is visible while the characters are taking actions. Judging from gameplay from the first game, the grid would only be visible during planning and disappear while you are executing your action so this seems to imply you have control over your character there.