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kirby007 said:

@dmillos good question, if i recall correctly the system has an cap which looks at the amount bet and puts in a max based on that.
maybe one of the siteadmins can confirm that by looking at the per console paid behind the front? @Machina @TruckOSaurus @TalonMan

if not I'll have a dive in !! !! do note this is old

Hi @kirby007 thanks as always for the prediction league, I am excited about the next couple of predictions.

As you know, the last Japanese prediction was extremely off for everyone, this created a pretty weird scenario of 0% accuracy. @Machina @TruckOSaurus @TalonMan is it possible to see the math behind the payouts? They seem a bit off, I am sure that the low accuracy numbers are throwing everything off. But I feel that it could be useful to double check those rules, as they give me the impression of always rewarding higher bets no matter how accurate they are as well as limiting the winnings due to the "infinite" nature of how payouts are calculated. A zero sum game sounds like it could be very interesting and prevent the "infinite" scenarios.

Thanks for everything