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New police bodycam evidence PROVES Amber Heard lied about Johnny Depp attacking her and trashing apartment.

Wow, what a sad world we live in when Scamber Turd's friends, who have an obvious motivation to lie, are deemed more credible by the fucking judge on the case (!) than fucking police officers who were called to the scene (!!) and we actually needed bodycam footage to see through Scamber Turd's bullsh!t AGAIN. But how can THAT be? It can't be because of his ties to Scamber's lawyers or his son's ties to the publication that Depp happened to be suing, can it? Yeah, HIS ruling is gospel (no seriously, it is according to some people)! Two cops who can't remember EXACTLY how long they were there for years later can't remember what they fucking saw (which was NOTHING!), bite me. Nevermind that Scamber Turd has been caught lying numerous times.

And BTW, if I sound pissed as hell, it's because I fucking am. If JD had pulled this shit, the only thing he'd ever be allowed to film again was from the inside of a prison cell. Calling Scamber Turd scum of the earth would be an insult to scumbags.

Scamber Turd needs to be canned with this latest bit of news (like we needed any more proof), but even now, I doubt she will be. I just might have to give WB the EA/Acti/Konami treatment by boycotting Aqua Man 2 (in theaters).