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Torillian said:

I had some vague interest in seeing what was changed but once I knew it was 4 hours that interest died. I can't envision spending that long on watchin a new version of a movie I didn't like the first time.

It's not a movie, persay. It's a miniseries of 8 episodes that can be watched as one movie. 

It was originally meant to be two movies, each 2 hours long or so, but a bunch of crap happened and we got the Theatrical cut under 2 hours. 

I'm only about halfway through it now and...still don't like it. It's better than the theatrical cut, but it's still so dumb. Seeing Darkseid and then watching Infinity war is does anyone excuse visuals, acting, or writing this bad? I don't know how someone can see what Marvel does and then sink 300-500 million into this and say 'yeah, that's good enough'. 

At best, 4/10 so far (Again, only about half way through it). 

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