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I honestly feel Zack Snyder's Justice League is some sort of a vindication and redemption for him ever since Watchmen and 300 were able to leave similar impact with warmer receptions (not great and not terrible). The director's cut of Watchmen is widely revered. I wasn't an ardent fan of Snyder up until I saw Man of Steel. The reason why the latest movie is more of a vindication than a redemption is that the studio never allowed Snyder to complete his version that was ready in the form of an assembly cut with picture lock. The result was a Frankenstein wet clay mold from two directors for its theatrical release. Whedon being the other contributor for screenplay. 

A picture lock as suggested is something that is not to be confused with a completed movie. The assembly edit stays intact with pre-viz, concept videos and half completed/processed VFX shots and final script. The fact that AT&T approved 70 million dollars to complete his movie off the assembly cut helped in two things.

1. He was able to restore his own vision. 

2. establish the continuity off Batman V Superman that didn't click well with most DC fans.

It's utterly misleading when you state he remade his movie and not the studio in 2017. The first point implies this. The director had established that he never watched the theatrical cut in the first place.

An auteurist vision may not be synonymous with a good and worthwhile vision. But Justice League theatrical's critical reception in contrast to Snyder's version only helps more with the cause : auteur film-making and its merits. The end result was a continuity with more cohesiveness and fleshed out characters although a bit long, as the second point suggests. It was reported also that he had a 5 movie arc plan leading upto a Justice League 3. It might be very unlikely we could see it progressing at this stage, given the studio mandate and executive decisions going forth. Only time can tell.

Zack Snyder's Justice League clocks in at 4 hr 2min( credits included). Since it's broken into chapters, it helps for breaks in between. Zack takes the story credit this time along with Chris Terrio. Will Beall as a surprise addition too. Wonder Woman 1 also had a story credit from Zack. Both these movies depict WonderWoman as a warrior princess which seems to be badass and resonates better with the fans. Patty Jenkin's sequel suffered a setback to the character when that aspect was removed.

Currently Zack Snyder's Justice league is streaming on multiple platforms like HBO Max, HBO Go and localized platforms across regions outside of US, Bookmystream, Sky cinema, google play, apple TV being the prominent ones. 

Have you guys watched it or planning to? And those who watched it can share their opinions.