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I got the updated one for y’all here. Hopefully I don’t look like a fool in a year or 2 lmao...

Near 200mil NSW will be shipped Worldwide by its end!!! (So 190mil+)

Here is shipments and forecast of how it happens...

NSW By Fiscal Years(currently 68.27mil)

Y17: 2.74mil
Y18: 15.05mil
Y19: 16.93mil
Y20: 21.03mil
Y21: 30.00mil (24.01mil Currently)

Y22: 31.00mil
Y23: 24.50mil
Y24: 18.25mil
Y25: 13.25mil
Y26: 9.00mil
Y27+ 10mil Another few years

Total: A lot


Best selling consoles are

PS2: 160mil+
DS: 150mil+
PS4: 115mil-120mil