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Metallox said:
Mar1217 said:

Well most of it's active life has already been done on Switch/PC. No problem here to get some interested Xbox players into the party. Though it seems to me Square Enix received a good check from Microsoft to make the port happen. Also, this could mean the game might come to the PS4/PS5 sooner or later now.

Why do you think Microsoft put a check? 

Glad more people can play it now. The same could happen with other SE Switch exclusives, like Bravely Default II (and the entire series, for that matter) and the future Triangle Strategy. 

It seems Nintendo does seem to be doing Switch/PC exclusivity deals (Monster Hunter Stories & Rise for example), so it could just be that the duration ended. But the fact its being announce via gamepass with no current Playstation version lends itself to MS paying putting a check in. Either that or they just jumped the gun and it'll be announced for Playstaion in the coming days.