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Neat system.

Some disappointing first party games like Xenoblade 2, Yoshi's Crafted World, plus my lack of interest in Three Houses.

But the rest is cool, games like Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Star Allies, Luigi's Mansion 3 are the peak of their respective series for me. Pokemon Sword reminded me of my time with Gen 5. The Origami King reaches the highs of 64 and Super in its own way. Ring Fit Adventure is fantastic too.

A lot of really neat 3rd party games like Iconoclasts, Sayonara Wild Hearts, The Messenger, The Missing, etc.

Is also becoming a good machine to keep a lot of classics ready to pick up and play, like Neo Geo games, classic Castlevania, ports like the Arland and Dusk Atelier games, Tales of Vesperia, Ys Origin, Wonderful 101, and the like.

Satisfied for the most part both for its original games and the legacy stuff.