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Dulfite said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Bold: I don't think 100% of people people who are PC gamers would stop playing on PC to get a Xbox

 They are getting Game Pass because it's cheap. Personally if I was a PC gamer I would still have GP and I have zero interest in Xbox and Microsoft games 

I didn't say 100% of people would, but I do believe the majority of the gaming population do not have BOTH a gaming console AND a gaming pc. Do most people have a pc? Sure, but most PCs can't play the modern games coming out on consoles well, let alone at all. Microsoft has millions, perhaps tens of millions (especially in the future with the growth), more users that either buy their game exclusively on Windows store OR subscribe to Gamepass PC. Most can't afford a gaming PC and a console.

The problem is you counting people who got a GP as the same of one who are buying a PS5. They are by no means the same and I doubt majority of PC gamers would go to Xbox if Game Pass doesn't exist, GP seems more like a complementary service for PC gamers not an alternative for Xbox ecosystem