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trunkswd said:
mk7sx said:

@trunkswd Is this in line with VGC tracking for the year so far?  

It looks like we are a bit too high. At least when you go off of Switch being up 80% year-over-year and with Switch and PS5 sales being pretty much the same in 2021. I'm guessing we are a bit high in the UK for the Switch in Jan/Feb 2020. I'll go through it thoroughly and make adjustments, so we are more in line with what Chris has revealed. 

Edit: As of right now Switch being up 80% would mean it sold 140,236 units in Jan/Feb 2021. So with PS5 sales about the same that is 280,000 for just those 2. Which would leave like 70,000-80,000 for Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and Xbox One for Jan/Feb, and we already know Xbox Series X|S was #1 in January. So not like its sales were that low last month. 

Mind you this is before adjustments. So I will lower our Switch sales slightly for Jan/Feb 2020, then make our 2021 sales match the +20% in Jan and bump up 3D World sales week. 

We know Switch sales were up 20% in Jan 2021. So it is way up in Feb.

Well looking at the tweet he did simply say over 350.000 consoles so there might be more breathing room than that. But yea going from 20 % up in Jan to 80 % up in Jan + Feb does suggest the Switch must have had pretty weak Febuary last year, even if this years was quite good.

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