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Metallox said:
curl-6 said:

You hunt Monsters. A typical mission consists of tracking down a huge boss-type creature and battling it for an extended period until it finally goes down, then you use materials from its corpse to craft new weapons and gear to fight bigger, harder monsters.

In past titles, was it possible to fight the harder monsters first and then the low-tier ones? Or is it going to be possible in this one? That could be interesting. Although I don't know if I'm missing the point in something that makes crucial to fight monsters in a more sequential order. The basic premise is very tempting, though. Sounds like an ideal time-sinker. 

I'm not sure, but in past games you would sometimes have access to multiple new monsters at once and choose what order you take them on.

And yeah, the game is one hell of a time sink, it's the kinda of game where once you get into it you can easily spend hundreds of hours on it.

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