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Dulfite said:

Having one game ported with a resolution bump and nothing else isn't exactly proof they are greedy, especially when the original game (while extremely popular to some such as myself) was not popular and sold horribly (about 4 million I think). The $60 price tag is probably Nintendo looking at past sales of this game, estimating sales on the Switch , and coming up with a way to justify the expense of creating new controls and updating the visuals.

The other ports listed prove they do include a lot of value for those games to be priced at their point. One game isn't a pattern (even a few wouldn't be). You'd need like 10+ games to have a pattern proving they are becoming greedy.

Not to mention that porting a game with a resolution bump, updated controls, and some other tweaks to the UI and game mechanics, then pricing the result at $60, was exactly what Nintendo already did with both Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD.

I guess people didn't make as much of a fuss over them doing it with those two games because Wind Waker's visual style happened to translate insanely well to HD, and Twilight Princess HD was released when the Wii U was basically dead and Nintendo were clearly focusing on what would become the Switch, but this is really just them repeating what already worked twice, rather than them somehow getting drunk off the Switch's success.