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JWeinCom said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Yeah, I was expecting more or less a copy of his MvC3 moveset for Smash.

And he's by far not the only one not suited for a fighting game and feeling out of place. Duck-Hunt Dog and Piranha Plant were bigger shockers in that regard than Phoenix Wright ever could be now.

Duck Hunt Dog I think is warranted just on the basis of his importance to Nintendo history. I think the Zapper was a big part of the NES, and DHD represents pretty much all of the light gun games.

Piranha plant is more apt. There's nothing wrong with having out of place characters in a game like Smash, but we already have a few, and we already have Phoenix who was done really well in UMVC3. So, it's hard to get too excited to play as him here. 

It's okay, I'm just running out of potential characters for Smash that wouldn't be close to a clone (if not outright a moveset clone) of somebody else.